Mobile blog post!

Today I decided to walk away from my desk with nothing but my sunglasses and my Motorola Cliq XT. So, what can I do remotely?
Well, I can blog because I downloaded the wordpress app for Android and setup “Jaime’s Online Password Security Blog”. I elected to save my WordPress credentials on my phone because I have other security measures in place to prevent unauthorized use. I also am using 3G not a public wifi hotspot, so my vulnerability level is no different on WordPress than it would be on anything else I choose to do on my phone.
Along with security we must also balance risk… I am also willing to have my twitter profiles @ssjaime and @OnlinePwordSec on my phone. I use those accounts often enough to feel comfortable putting them out there on the 3G network.
This blog post was a bit of an experiment too… I wanted to see how it would be received!

Hope you enjoyed and please comment.