Machine-generated passwords

There are many websites and programs that can generate a password of any length and complexity.  Here are some of the pros and cons for adopting these passwords for day-to-day use.



The Numbers behind Password Strength

Do not fear, I’m not taking you back to math class!  Instead, I just want to demonstrate how adding more elements to your password increases its strength.

Let’s start with several examples

  1. 123456: This password is one of a million possible 6-digit numeric passwords. 
  2. abcdef: This password is one of over 308 million possible 6-character lower case passwords.
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What is a Strong Password?

According to Microsoft Online Safety and Wikipedia a strong password is one that is long and complex.

It is widely recommended that passwords contain UPPER and lower case letters, numbers and special characters and be around 14 characters in length.  While a password with that many components can seem daunting to create and remember, there are ways to make the task easier and more manageable.

Strong passwords should not include words that are Read the rest of this entry »