Expiring Passwords

Can you answer with “in the last 3 months” to any of these?

When was the last time you changed your password for …

  1. your primary email account?
  2. your bank account?
  3. Facebook?
  4. eBay?
  5. iTunes?
  6. WordPress?

If the answer is:

  • 6 – Congratulations, you are on top of your passwords!
  • 4 or 5 – You are well on your way to keeping yourself secure online!
  • 3 or fewer – Time to make a serious change to your online habits!

For those of you in the 3 or fewer category, my biggest recommendation to you is start the practice of forcing your passwords into expiration.  Keep changing them!  It is one of the easiest ways to protect yourself online.  Even if you don’t use the strongest passwords, frequently changing your passwords helps to keep your credentials off the “bad guy lists” by making the values on their lists obsolete!

A few more recommendations:

  • Use password management software (I will be posting links to products and reviews on the Reference page soon)
  • Spread out your password expiration dates.  This way you are only changing one or two passwords at a time, rather than 20 or more.
  • When trying to remember new passwords, break them down into manageable portions and test yourself frequently until you’ve mastered them!
  • Vary where you get your password inspiration!  Sometimes take it from your surroundings (like the cherry blossom outside your window) or take it from the news, or a phrase on a tv show, an item on a menu or food in your refrigerator.  Use a random password generator sometimes too!

Make today the day you expire 2 old and outdated passwords!

Refresh them with new, strong passwords!


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