Machine-generated passwords

There are many websites and programs that can generate a password of any length and complexity.  Here are some of the pros and cons for adopting these passwords for day-to-day use.


  • Uniqueness – the site/product is generating the passwords on-the-fly
  • Strength – common words and replacements do not exist in these types of passwords
  • Ease of Creation – minimal effort is needed to create these passwords
  • Usage – when used in conjunction with a top-notch storage/retrieval method, they are as easy to use as a human-generated password
  • Complexity and length – easy to create longer passwords using a larger character set


  • Recall – these passwords are generally more difficult to remember
  • Typing – due to the larger character set, more of the keystrokes are unnatural and do not flow, which may cause more errors
  • Usage – when not used in conjunction with a top-notch storage/retrieval method, they are cumbersome to use and maintain

While these aren’t complete lists, and the pros appear to outweigh the cons, you need to think about how often, when and where you enter your passwords to determine whether machine-generated passwords make sense for you. 

Personally, I would rather have some element of the password be comfortable, as in the password generation methods I’ve described in prior posts.  I believe machine-generated passwords are better suited for system passwords in the business world!  Machine-generated passwords are also better suited as temporary and one-time-use passwords when provided to a customer/user by a website or product!

Please let me know your thoughts on why machine-generated passwords are good or bad!


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    You have some great content.
    Keep up the good work and please feel free to comment on my blog and what YOU think I should do to make it more effective 🙂

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