Password Tip #3 – Type-ability

The best passwords are those that you can recall from memory and those that you can type easily.  Combining the two is not always easy, but I believe it is worth taking a few extra minutes to make sure that a password is type-able!

While the sample password ssP!0Nnkge from this post, might be easy to recall from memory, is it easy to type?

Do you stumble on the back and forth with the shift key or typing characters from opposite ends of the keyboard?  These are some of the drawbacks of strong passwords — the unnatural movement on the keyboard. 

Here are some common password keying problems and their solutions, without compromising strength.

  • Difficulty typing numerals or special characters? 
    • Place them together and at the same place in all your passwords.  This could be at the beginning or as the second and third characters of your password.  Be consistent with placement, it will make the process easier.
  • Frequent typos when typing with either the left or right hand? 
    • Choose special characters or numerals typed with your dominant hand.
  • Repetitive reversing of keystrokes.
    • Swap them in your password.
  • Automatic use of the shift key on a certain character, no matter which case you “wanted” it to be.
    • Make that letter upper case, for all your passwords.
  • Special characters make you stumble.
    • Remove them from the body of your password, put one at the front and one at the back.

Remember, it is okay to look at the keyboard when typing your password!

Practice typing your password in a text-editor on your local computer until you feel comfortable that your hands are going to be able to key it right, at least most of the time.  Once you feel comfortable with your password, close the text-editor and do not save the document!

It is vital to minimize password mis-typing and I hope that some of these tips will help you succeed in creating and using strong passwords.


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