Converting two common words into a strong password

Sometimes making a word or phrase into your password does not seem to add strength to it.  Here is another approach, where the idea is to use some of the more common replacement techniques for strengthening passwords and a randomizing effect.  So, like my prior post on creating a strong password, I will begin with the rules and then follow it with several examples.

  1. Start with two dictionary or common terms, the total length should be between 9 and 12 characters
  2. Capitalize the second letter in the first word and the third letter in the second word
  3. Replace one letter in the first word with a number (ideas can be found on the common replacements page)
  4. Replace one letter in the other word with a symbol (ideas can be found on the common replacements page)
  5. Weave the two words together, starting with the longer word and alternating the letters

Now when you use the password, you just need to remember the two short words and the changes you made to them!

Example #1

  1. sponge sink
  2. sPonge siNk
  3. sP0nge siNk
  4. sP0nge s!Nk
  5. ssP!0Nnkge

Example #2 (Note: I replaced both e’s in coffee to make it easier to remember)

  1. coffee rain
  2. cOffee raIn
  3. cOff33 raIn
  4. cOff33 r@In
  5. crO@fIfn33

Example #3 (Note, the starting words are names which are capitalized)

  1. Phoebe Nancy
  2. PHoebe NaNcy
  3. PH0ebe NaNcy
  4. PH0ebe N@Ncy
  5. PNH@0Necbye

Example #4 (Note, the second word is the longer word)

  1. drink Robert
  2. dRink RoBert
  3. dR1nk RoBert
  4. dR1nk RoBe^t
  5. RdoRB1en^kt

As always, do not use ssP!0Nnkge, crO@fIfn33, PNH@0Necbye, RdoRB1en^kt or any other example from this blog as your password.


2 Responses to “Converting two common words into a strong password”

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