Convert a simple word into a strong password!

The password creation method from this post is outlined below.

  1. Start with a dictionary word or short phrase, between 8 and 16 characters in length.  This is your seed.
  2. Pick three of the letters in your seed.  Find a good reason for choosing those letters.
  3. Remove each instance of one of the letters in your seed.
  4. Capitalize each instance of the other two letters in your seed.
  5. Count the number of letters you changed.  This is your change value and place that number at the end.  Placing the number at the end is weaker than placing a single digit elsewhere in the password, but is an acceptable option for passwords of at least 8 characters.
  6. To further strengthen your password, insert a special character before the character at the position of your change valueThis part was not done in the prior post, but is highly recommended.

Now, when it is time to use the password, you can recall the simple word, the special character and the letters that were modified, the rest can be derived!

Example #1

  1. chocolate
  2. a, c, o (first two letters alphabetically and the last vowel in the seed)
  3. chclate
  4. ChClAte
  5. ChClAte5
  6. ChCl#Ate5

 Example #2

  1. pictureframe
  2. r, t, u (last three letters alphabetically in the seed)
  3. pictreframe
  4. picTRefRame
  5. picTRefRame4
  6. pic^TRefRame4

Example #3

  1. dictionary
  2. a, i , o (the vowels in the seed)
  3. dictinary
  4. dIctInAry
  5. dIctInAry4
  6. dIc<tInAry4

Example #4

  1. itisreallylate
  2. r,s,t (three letters alphabetically sequential and found in the seed)
  3. itireallylate
  4. iTiReallylaTe
  5. iTiReallylaTe4
  6. iTi!ReallylaTe4

As always, do not use ChCl#Ate5,  pic^TRefRame4, dIc<tInAry4, iTi!ReallylaTe4 or any other example from this blog as your password.


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