Realistic Password Security

While my post about strong passwords lists out the definition and shows some examples of what experts believe are the best types of passwords, those are probably less than realistic for the average home user.

This post describes my opinion of the minimum requirements for securing your online self.

  1. Create a password with at least 8 characters
  2. Be sure to use at least one UPPER case, one lower case and one number in each password you create
  3. Make the password somewhat irregular, that is, it should not come directly from the dictionary.  For example, if you choose to use the word chocolate as your password, change it to something like ChClAte5.  In this case, I took the word and capitalized the C‘s and the A‘s.  I then removed the O‘s and since I modified five letters, added the number 5 to the end.
  4. Be diligent about changing your password.  Choose to change it on the 1st Tuesday of every 3rd month, or some other convention that works for you.  Make a note in your day-planner, Outlook and/or calendar.
  5. Use more than one password for all your online accounts.  At a minimum use three passwords, one for banking, one for email, one for everything else.

Please note, the approach used to turn chocolate into ChClAte5 is an example of one approach to password creation and I will explore that topic more in future posts. 

As always, do not use ChClAte5 or any other example from this blog as your password.


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